The Advantages Of Doing A Day Shift

Ok, let me tell you the worst part of working a regular day shift, from my point of view. I have to get up early to go to work! I kept my alarm for 6 am this morning but then changed the alarm of 6:30 am as I knew it would be difficult for me to get straight outta bed at that time. So for 30 minutes I just lay in bed with my eyes closed and rested. Then I got up and got a coffee, then went to the loo and watched Youtube videos till 7:30 am. I shaves, showered and got ready and left by 8:40 am to reach work by 9:30 am.

I worked till almost 11 and then got a coffee. At 1:30 pm I joined a couple of colleagues for a quick little lunch and then went back to work till almost 6:20 pm, except for a bathroom break at 5pm. I took my water bottle and filled it up again and then put it in my bag and then went for a coffee and a snack. I spoke to a couple of colleagues for a bit and then came on home. I reached here by 7:45 pm meaning I took an hours to reach home.

So that is the advantage – I reach home in the evening and I get to chillax in my bedroom for a couple of hours before I get ready for a movie or tv show episodes and then go to sleep by midnight. The regular stuff that people do.

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