The Amazing Spider-Man

Before watching this movie I had spent some time and rewatched the first two Spider-man movies (which I hadn’t seen in a few years) and then watched the 3rd movie for the first time ever. And then a couple of days back I sat back to watch the reboot of the comic book hero – The Amazing Spider-man. Directed by Marc Webb, the film stars Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spider-man, Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curt Connors and Denis Leary as Captain George Stacy with Martin Sheen & Sally Field as Peter’s uncle & aunt.

Once again we are treated to the origin story with a few changes made. As a child Peter discovers that his scientist father’s office has been ransacked and calls out for him. His father gathers concealed documents before Peter’s parents take him to stay with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben. His parents leave, but are later killed in a plane crash. Cut to 10 years later an a teenaged Peter is bullied by high-school jock Flash Thomson and humiliated when he intervenes in Flash harassing another student. Gwen, a girl who Peter has a crush on, comes to his aid. One evening at home, Peter discovers a satchel with his father’s research documents and finds out that his dad used to work with scientist Dr. Curt Connors at Oscorp to combine human and animal DNA to cure illnesses. Peter sneaks in to Oscopr, pretend to be an intern and sees Gwen there, and runs into Dr. Connors who is pressured by his superior Dr. Ratha to complete his serum, and cure the terminally ill head of Oscorp Norman Osborn. Connors wants to use the serum to cure himself – he has lost one of his arms.

Peter goes to one of the labs where he is bitten by a genetically modified spider. On the subway ride home, he finds out that he now has heightened sense of danger, improved speed, strength and the ability to stick to surfaces. He then befriends Dr. Connors and helps him with the code for the formulae. In school, Peter damages school property during a confrontation with Flash and Ben is forced to work late so that he can pick up Peter. Ben tells Peter to escort May home that night. Peter ignores Ben in favor of helping Connors test their serum on a three-legged mouse. After he returns home, Peter argues with Ben about not picking up May. Ben then recounts Richard’s philosophy of responsibility to Peter, who only leaves in anger after pointing out the hypocrisy. At a grocery store, the clerk rudely refuses to let Peter buy a drink, and when a thief steals money from the register, Peter lets the thief escape. Ben, searching the streets for Peter, confronts the thief, but is shot and killed. Peter responds to the gunshot and finds Ben’s body. After seeing a police sketch of the suspect, Peter realizes it was the thief he let go. Angered Peter turns vigilante and hunts the thief, fighting various other thieves and attracting police attention for his vigilante actions.

During a fight he falls into an old gym where he sees a Luchador poster and inspired created a mask and a spandex costume to hide his identity, using the spider that bit him for a logo. He & Gwen strike up a relationship and while at her house for dinner, where he & Captain Stacy have a disagreement on what the vigilante called “Spider-man” is doing, he confides in her about his alter ego and they kiss. Meanwhile at Oscorp, Ratha sees that a test mouse has grown it’s missing limb back using lizard DNA, Ratha demands human trials begin immediately. Connors refuses and is fired. Desperate Connors use the serum on himself and sees his arm regenerate but he soon mutates and transforms into a large Lizard-like creature. The Lizard hunts down Ratha in a taxi on the Williamsburg Bridge and starts tossing cars including Ratha’s, over the side of the bridge. Spider-Man, manages to save Ratha and other civilians – including a small child and reuintes him with his dad. Connors retreats into the sewer and reverts to human form. Peter then meets Dr. Connors in his office and is curtly shown the door and suspecting him of being the Lizard and confronts the Lizard in the sewers to take pics for proof but leaves his camera behind when he is unsuccessful.

Connors finds out that Spider-man is Peter when he sees the latter’s name on the camera cover and attacks the school Peter studies in, leading to a fight between the Lizard & Spiderman and the police searching for them – causing the two to leave the school. Connors laterheads to Oscorp, intending to disperse his serum across the city and make everyone into lizards, while Peter has Gwen develops an antidote in Oscorp’s lab. The police corner Spider-Man and try to capture him. A big fight later, he tazed & Captain Stacy discovers that he is Peter, but lets him escape to go save Gwen. With the help of the father of a boy he rescued earlier (in a corny scene in which the father gets all his construction worker friends to set up the cranes in such a way that Spidey can use it to get to Oscorp faster), Spider-Man reaches Oscorp in time. Spider-Man manages to replace Connors’ serum with the antidote, reverting Connors to human form, but not before Connors mortally wounds Captain Stacy. Spider-Man nearly falls to his death, but Connors saves him. Before his death, Captain Stacy makes Peter promise to stay away from Gwen for her safety. He initially keeps the promise, but later admits to Gwen that failed promises are the best kind; she responds to this with a smile. After the credits there is a scene in Connors’ prison cell in which a man in the shadows talks to Connors about Peter’s father – when Connors tells the mystery man to leave Peter alone, the man disappears.

8 outta 10!

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