The Associate

Probably the author who writes the most readable and enjoyable novels in the world, John Grisham delivers with yet another page-turner in The Associate.  In this, his 21st novel, young law student & editor in chief of the Yale Law Journal,  Kyle McAvoy is approached by the mysterious Bentnie Wright, who blackmails him with a video of his 3 roommates and him at a party. At the party, two of his buddies have sex with the local party girl, while Kyle falls asleep on the sofa. The girl later claims that she was raped while she was unconscious, a charge which was refuted by the cops. However in the video, a friend clearly asks the question, although drunk, “Is she awake?” With this tape in his custody, Bennie threatens to expose Kyle and his buddies unless he cooperates with his plan.

The plan is for Kyle to join a huge law firm as an associate (he was offered a position there) and to provide information to Bennie details about an upcoming case on aeronautics which is held in secrecy and is bound to be one one of the most expensive court cases of all time. The thought of the shame and embarrassment that would be caused for his family if this tape was played in public, makes Kyle agree with the plan. However, Kyle is a smart & resourceful individual. Read how he outwits and stays one step ahead of his blackmailers by using his brains. Kyle recruits his buddy Joey (one of the guys who had sex with the girl in the video) to help him out and despite the tragic murder of another friend, Kyle is determined to not play into the hands of the blackmailers. He seeks the help of a seasoned litigator and the FBI to expose the secret organization behind the blackmail.

Unfortunately Bennie and his associates elude the Feds but Kyle is now free to leave the big NY firm and go and work with his dad. The threat of being targeted by Bennie and his associates is still in the air but the young lawyer refuses to let that stop him from living his life.

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