The Baby Formula

The Baby Formula – I watched this movie solely on the strength of the trailer that I just happened to click when watching trailers on Youtube. This was several weeks ago and I can’t remember if someone recommended it to me or I just found it by pure chance. Whichever way it is so, the trailer is so funny that I just had to watch this Canadian indi movie.

The Baby Formula is a mockumentary of sorts, about a revolutionary medical process which allows women to get pregnant by other women! By using the stem cells from another women to create artificial sperm in order to get a woman pregnant. Athena & Lillith are two such women, a lesbian coupe who are desperate to have their own biological child. They take a chance on an experimental scientific process and make sperm from their own stem cells. Pregnant with humor and unexpected twists, their journey ultimately confirms that all life is a gift and all families are crazy.

The families involved make the movie even more fun – Athena’s family is originally from Scotland and her henpecked father is ruled by the iron hand of her mother, a religious minded woman who does not like the fact that her lesbian daughter is ‘playing God’ by getting herself impregnated in this manner. Athena’s brother Larry (Dmitry Chepovetsky) also believes that he is in fact the father of Lillith’s baby – having previously been asked to donate sperm, he had let her masturbate him.

Lillith’s family is more accepting of her choices – she was raised by her gay uncle and his partner. They shower the two ladies with love, even if their flamboyant lifestyle of smoking weed & drinking has driven Lillith bonkers on occasion. However tragedy strikes when Athena’s father, who has cancer, kills himself so as to be a burden to his wife. While recovering from this, Athena’s mom grows more closer to her daughter. The film ends with a gay pride procession during which Athena goes into labour and delivers a baby girl in the hospital. Lillith follows a couple of months later and the two women are proud moms of two beautiful girls.

Highlights include the interactions with the two families, Larry’s obnoxious ranting and the grandmother – gotta have a funny grandma in all movies like this. Loved it, and rated 7/10.

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