The Beautiful Girl @ The Cafe

I was sitting in a big indoor cafe waiting for two acquaintances to join me for a beverage, a little bite to eat and a discussion about a business proposal. I had left my office and arrived at the cafe at 5 minutes past 7pm. I walked in and looked around to see the cafe about 3/4 full. I chose a table on the second lane of the cafe and settled down with pretending to peruse the menu. I wanted to wait for my companions to join me first before I was to order a beverage. So I looked around the cafe and then noticed the girls sitting at the table just in front of me. And then my heart stopped, did a roll over and then started beating 10 times faster.

Among the 3 girls who were sitting at the table, was this gorgeous girl dressed in all white and looking as lovely as an angel. She was fair and her luxurious thick longish hair was pinned back, giving me a good look of her smooth faced skin in all it’s glory. Her face so lovely to behold, devoid of makeup and crowned by a cute nose, made all the more alluring by a tiny nose stud – the effect is so gorgeous and breathtaking. She has such lovely dark brown eyes that yours truly almost got lost in them; at just the right moment I remembered that I was in public and I took control of myself back. But it was very close! Dark brown liquid pools that I wanted my soul to drown in and never come back.

But the piece de resistance was ofcourse her luscious lips, a pair of beautiful quivering lips that I was dying to kiss and lock onto with my own. I wanted to touch them and then kiss her for all eternity and stop only for getting air. At this point I had to compose myself and restrain any more feelings as I was in public. But the feelings were still there, despite the fact that she couldn’t be more than the age of 23 or 24, 1o years younger than me. How I wished that she & I were the only two people at that place, at that time so I could show her real passion and desire. And then I knew that I would have to do something, say something or it would drive me crazy for the rest of my life. The other two girls at the table were now talking among themselves about the fact that I was so transfixed by their friend and was being so oblivious to the fact that I was staring at her.

So I collected my wits, collected my balls & courage, exhaled & pulled in my gut and got up and approached her. My knees were almost on the verge of wobbling and my hands were shaking a bit and I was so aware of people looking at me but I stood right next to her and looked at her face. She looked up, wondering what I was going to say, as were her friends. And I said “Excuse me, but I just couldn’t sit there anymore and I just needed to come and talk to you. Yes needed,  not wanted. I felt that I would curse myself for the rest of my life if I didn’t say this. I mean no offense but you are one of the most beautiful creations ever. I also would like to know if it hurt when you fell down from the heavens, cause you are so beautiful that you just have to be an angel. I never believed in angels or love at first sight …..until I met you. I also wanted to say that you don’t know me & I don’t know you and so I may not have a chance with you but my name’s Roshan & here’s my number and if you feel like you should call me…please do!”

With that I walked away and went back to my table, ignoring the prying eyes of the others at the cafe and the stunned looks of those 3 girls. But yeah, I had a strut in my walk this time as I felt that I had gotten something off my chest and it felt good to have done so.

Yeah…..I should probably have done something like that. It would have been so cool :D

3 thoughts on “The Beautiful Girl @ The Cafe

  1. Are you telling me you didn’t do it? Roshan! What if she had been feeling the same way about you?

    You are such a romantic, lovely guy. I hope your angel descends from heaven very soon!

  2. Geez wheeze papa cheese! She couldn’t have been more than 23 or 24. Did you forget that I am 34?

    On a side note, you ladies rock. You gals are like my cheerleaders and also, and I mean no disrespect, my PIMPS! B)

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