The Big 40 For Sherina

She was born on this day 40 years ago, May 8th 1970 in Mattancherry, Kerala, India. The first child of my parents, first granddaughter (second grandchild) of our paternal grandparents. Well I suppose the world has suffered through worse calamaties, right?

All jokes aside, I hope she’s having a great day and enjoys her journey into her 40s. I mean next stop is pension and getting senile. She can get senior citizen discounts soon. And in some cultures age is seen as a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, power & wealth. None of those cultures exist anymore.

I can’t believe that she has turned 40. Somehow I almost always picture my sister as this girl with hair pulled & tied back and always quite as she was during her school days. Who knew the kinda horrific evil that lurked beneath that serene demeanor!

One thought on “The Big 40 For Sherina

  1. Your sister’s birthday is two days before mine. Hope she had a lovely day. As a fellow Taurean I know she must be a cool person :D

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