The BlackBerry Q10 – Review After 13 Days Of Use

I’ve had my new phone, the BlackBerry Q10 for almost 2 weeks now and have finally gotten used to the touchscreen aspect (after about a week) since this is my first touch screen (it has a QWERTY keyboard as well) that I am using as my personal phone, I am loving it. So I thought I should just mention a few reasons as to why I like it so much.

Excellent keyboard, best I have ever used on a phone. I love the physical QWERTY keyboard on BlackBerry phones and this is my 3rd phone and the smoothest and easiest keyboard to type on. I also like the fact that they have added an HDMI port to connect to a tv or external monitor if you need to do so. Big plus! The 8 MP camera – superb – auto-focus camera with face detection and Time Shift and an LED flash! I am taking some good photos on it and uploading it here, on Facebook & Twitter as well as Flickr & 500px. There is also a front facing 2MP camera (for selfies and vlogs). You have full HD (1080p) video recording at 30fps; 720p on the front-facing camera.

I just love the BlackBerry Hub is a unified inbox of all your communication and social networking accounts, which works amazingly well. It’s easy to keep track of your messages in each application that you use – email, text messages, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp etc etc. This is truly amazing edition which knocks everyone out of the park. BBM on OS 10 and above comes with video chat and file, screen sharing abilities. Awesome! You get 16GB of storage on the device and a microSD card slot (I currently have a 4GB card in it) and you also have Dropbox and Box.NET integration. The phone came with the apps for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Youtube preinstalled among others. I have only downloaded the Whatsapp & CutePress (for WordPress) apps. Even though it’s not in stereo, the speakers sound amazing for a mobile device like this. I am rocking out on the music as we speak.

Those are my views on the phone after almost 13 days of usage. Internet is fast enough and easy to use. Next I shall focus on some of the apps that I use.

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