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The 1970s sit-com Mind Your Language was cancelled in 1979 by Michael Grade, then LWT’s Deputy Controller of Entertainment, who considered the stereotyping offensive. He meant the stereotyping of Indians, Pakistanis, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, French, Italian and so on. Guess where the show was most popular going by the number of reruns they have had: India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia & New Zealand and the Gulf countries!!!

Barry Evans, who played the teacher Mr. Jeremy Brown in Mind Your Language, found it difficult to get mature roles later befitting his age due to his youthful appearance. By the late 1990s, he was a minicab driver in Leicestershire, where in 1997 he was found dead aged 53 in his bungalow. A proper verdict was never found; there was a blow to his head and he had a high alcohol level at the time of death.

Two of the hot women actress, now in their 60ss, in Mind Your Language have posed nude. Francoise Pascale (Danielle) posed for Penthouse and in nude scenes in a few movies. Anna Bergman (Ingrid), daughter of film and theatre director Ingmar Bergman, mostly appeared as a performer in several European sex comedies during the late 1970s. Some of the younger fans of the show would be shocked!

Albert Moses, the actor who played the Sikh Ranjith Singh in Mind You Language, is actually a Sri Lankan Christian who started out in Indian films before moving to the UK. Zara Nutley (Miss Courtney) currently resides in a nursing home. Ricardo Montez (Juan Cervantes) & Dino Shafeek (Ali Nadeem) are both dead. Robert Lee (Taro Nagazumi) lasted acted in 2010. Pik-Sen Lim (Su Lee) is still acting in tv & movies. Turkish born of Armenian descent actor Kevork Malikyan (Maximillian Papandrious) is also still acting, last appearing in Taken 2. As in Jamila Massey (Jamila) who has appeared steadily in British tv & theatre as well as writing books with her husband.

George Cammiler who played Giovanni is also well known for his roles in The MessageĀ (1976) andĀ The HungerĀ (1983). He has also had a recurring role as Clive in Judge John Deed . In MYL he is famous for creating the catchphrases are “Okey-cokey”, “‘scusi” and “Santa Maria!”. He also played Juan Borgia in The Borgias & Hosias in Jesus of NazarethĀ (TV Mini-Series).

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  1. It was really bad for a couple of the actors, especially Barry Evans. Reading about it brought tears to my eyes.

  2. MYL best comedy ever. As a child in Nigeria (I am 54 now) this was the only foreign comedy I enjoyed and never missed when it’s showing on TV.

    Too bad it was rested due to racial and religious sensibilities. “Political correctness” is the primary reason there’s so much intolerance and hatred in our world today.

    The creators of this MYL comedy were true Avatars who knew at a deep level the healing effect of laughter on any soul. We must be able to laugh at our selves, our loves, fears, foibles and prejudices.

    Common folks let’s bring back laughter into our lives. Away with political correctness. Fling the “N” word at me if you feel like it – Trust me, I have enough resilience in me to respond with love and laughter.

  3. I really miss Barry Evans,the best actor and teacher of “Mind your language” series even I was not there.He died in 1997 the year I was born in.

    so sad,I really wish he was alive now.Today,If time machine exist I will set time and place the event takes place I would prevent the incident happens.So sad #RIPBARRYMRBROWNEVANS

  4. The best sitcom ever
    So funny yet interesting. I would have loved to watch more of it. Unfortunately season 4 is unavailable in YouTube. I’m from Bhutan and only 16.

  5. Love the show!

    So sad of Barry’s Passing.

    My daughter (13) loves it too. We do not think of somebody trying to make fun of our accents. We just truly enjoy every episode for what it is, very funny and entertaining .

  6. scribe I have no words to describe as I found one of the rare comedies that was so fun to watch. Somehow it was in the back of my mind and happen to see on youtube. Wish all characters were still acting. I did not see anything wrong with stereotype – when we all know it was for fun shake – nothing seroius- it was a very wrong reason to cancel- judging by what we see today.

  7. I deeply love this play myl and it’s all the cast,very very funny play,thanx to all who are part of making it.

  8. No words to describe how much I loved it unfortunately season 4 isn’t available but I’m wishing for it

  9. I used to watch this show on Cape Town South Africa on National TV in the 80’s with my children. They’re all grown up and married now but still use some of the jokes and humour from the show when we get together and reminisce. It might not seem significant to many but this was a great way to utilise those quirks in the English language as humorous devices and teach the language at the same time. I dare say that it gave one a sense of affinity and pride that one knew the source of the humour. Best comedy show ever in the history of television. Should do a revival. We’re all grown up now. We can laugh at ourselves without being offended or politically correct.

  10. A wonderful comedy series that commands universal acceptability. Its entertaining drives cut across all races. Oh! I am deeply touched by the demise of Barry Evans. He was such a highly talented actor. May his soul rest in peace. (from Victor)

  11. This is one of the best entertaining comedy movies I enjoy and I hope many people agree with me The jokes were simple and easily understood I encourage everybody to view the short movies and have a good laugh THANK YOU

  12. Every episode of MYL is still hilarious after watching the episode of 3 seasons for years whether on TV or youtube from the 1980s to the present. Laughter is good medicine!

  13. MYL was & is still d best English comedy. Love every episodes. The acting are simple yet funny at every turn. R.I.P. to all d actors who had perished.

  14. I agree. I watch it every couple of years or so and it’s always funny each time around. This show will never lose it’s charm as more younger kids are getting into it.

  15. Having internet problem so “a thousand apologies” if I am duplicating this:

    As a sitcom that took place at night, this was always a joy to watch in the evening after dinner, with warm characters from tea-lady Gladys to ever-smiling Ali.

    And Barry Evans was gorgeous. I wonder if he had Anglo-Indian blood, he shared the same beautiful complexion as Jamie Cullum, Gareth Gates and young Cliff Richard.

  16. I used to watch the show when I was a teenager in the 90s. I still can’t get enough of it. So sad to hear that Barry Evan’s is no more. They were all good actors.

  17. An excellent comedy, filled with humour and laughter.enjoyed the series as a teenager. Today i still enjoy the series rerun .great cast good acting and a must see TV series.

  18. I’m from India and cannot get over the loss of some of the actors of this series. I wept when I read about their deaths, very specially Mr. Barry Evans. Why do these gifted people who brought so much happiness and made this world a better place have to die? The others who are still around, I pray for your good health and may god bless you. Most enduring, unforgettable show. Mr. George Camiller, may you live to be a hundred. you all live in our hearts.

  19. Here from Cambodia. I watched MYL alone in 2010 and now watching it again with my 2 sons in 2020. I am very broken hearted hearing Mr. Brown and some passed away. Sob sob! I noticed Max in Taken 2 but didnā€™t think it was him, just felt they looked very similar. @George, if I have a chance to do a selfie with you, I would be very excited and good for my whole life.

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