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The 1970s sit-com Mind Your Language was cancelled in 1979 by Michael Grade, then LWT’s Deputy Controller of Entertainment, who considered the stereotyping offensive. He meant the stereotyping of Indians, Pakistanis, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, French, Italian and so on. Guess where the show was most popular going by the number of reruns they have had: India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia & New Zealand and the Gulf countries!!!

Barry Evans, who played the teacher Mr. Jeremy Brown in Mind Your Language, found it difficult to get mature roles later befitting his age due to his youthful appearance. By the late 1990s, he was a minicab driver in Leicestershire, where in 1997 he was found dead aged 53 in his bungalow. A proper verdict was never found; there was a blow to his head and he had a high alcohol level at the time of death.

Two of the hot women actress, now in their 60ss, in Mind Your Language have posed nude. Francoise Pascale (Danielle) posed for Penthouse and in nude scenes in a few movies. Anna Bergman (Ingrid), daughter of film and theatre director Ingmar Bergman, mostly appeared as a performer in several European sex comedies during the late 1970s. Some of the younger fans of the show would be shocked!

Albert Moses, the actor who played the Sikh Ranjith Singh in Mind You Language, is actually a Sri Lankan Christian who started out in Indian films before moving to the UK. Zara Nutley (Miss Courtney) currently resides in a nursing home. Ricardo Montez (Juan Cervantes) & Dino Shafeek (Ali Nadeem) are both dead. Robert Lee (Taro Nagazumi) lasted acted in 2010. Pik-Sen Lim (Su Lee) is still acting in tv & movies. Turkish born of Armenian descent actor Kevork Malikyan (Maximillian Papandrious) is also still acting, last appearing in Taken 2. As in Jamila Massey (Jamila) who has appeared steadily in British tv & theatre as well as writing books with her husband.

George Cammiler who played Giovanni is also well known for his roles in The Message (1976) and The Hunger (1983). He has also had a recurring role as Clive in Judge John Deed . In MYL he is famous for creating the catchphrases are “Okey-cokey”, “‘scusi” and “Santa Maria!”. He also played Juan Borgia in The Borgias & Hosias in Jesus of Nazareth (TV Mini-Series).

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  1. I JUST ADORE THIS SHOW. I was surprised that it got the flag down in its own country of origin and that probably got me thinking …what happened ? I then remembered there is a moslem community in U.K. , the same folks who made Bradfrod into European “Dharavi” slum…and everything has to be “politically correct” so as to not offend them… they are precious vote banks for political parties. Maybe that is why it got thumbs down from Mr Grade who low graded it . I ‘d imagine the same thing for a comedy show in India that poked satire at islamic way of life and made fun of Arabic accents.
    –Ranjit Singh (” A thousand apologies sir. But I meant no offense.. But I still believe what I believed 20 yrs ago…and every since this show…the politician omnibus is REALLY going in backward direction . “

  2. It was a fun show for sure. The British government I think had a problem with the show, saying that it could be offensive to the cultures and nations that were depicted in the show. Guess what – they were most popular in those same countries.

  3. I will miss BARRY EVANS. British audience generally is more receptive to men who look boyish than grown up beards. So I am not sure why the cine community threw on the side. Had he waited a bit longer -I am sure he’d have reinvented himself. I’d imagine it’d more related to his habits than opportunity . Anyways – no other “professoree ” character will break even on Barry Evans. He left too early .I pray I’d do too ..

  4. I really enjoyed this comedy series….. it is very unfortunate for us that we couldnt see more episodes of this series….i really feel sorry for all those who enjyed this series but were intrupted by a deputy. It was injustice with audience……. i love all the actors of this series nd wish to have same actors in another series which is nearly impossible……

  5. i dont know if i am late in commenting..!!
    but i just wanna point out that why there is no history/records of George Camiller and Jacki Harding both German and Italian students?? Too disappointed as i found Giovanni too cute

  6. I’ve been watching this show for a week (I almost finished all of them, but since I knew that there were supposed to be season 4, I’ve kept searching for it. Until that, I would take a break watching season 3 to finish). I live in Indonesia, and we got this show called Kelas Internasional (International Class). It is mentioned on Wikipedia that that show is inspired by Mind Your Language.

    Oh, I so adore Barry Evans and George Camiller (young). Giovanni is the real Italian hottie, I think. I have the same opinion as MATI, I was imagining that the whole Mind Your Language cast gather and make a new season. It’s impossible, totally impossible to replace the greatest cast of sitcom. I wonder the real reason for the cancellation of this show. That couldn’t be just of racialism issue, I think. Well, maybe it’s just my shallow rationalization. I love this show too much I’m making other things up upon this and the issues surround it. So sad =( oh, blimey.

  7. Yes there was a problem with the racism issue & it was considered stereotyping. Funny thing that the show is still popular in most of the countries that the students are depicted as being from. Indians here love the show.

  8. Still laughing at this old fave and now, so is my 9 year old daughter. Interesting that 3 decades later, the stereotypes haven’t changed one bit! If only we could laugh at ourselves today like we did back then. RIP Mr Brown, Ali, Juan, Giovanni and Syd.

  9. The same theme for being “politically and racially incorrect ” has been explored by stand up comedian Russel Peters ( he’s of Indian Origin ) . But that guy’s sense of humor is “gross” he mixes fine Porto wine with cheap country liquor and that makes it “not palatable” for certain audience but it exploits the same theme . though this is DEF not something your 9 yr old should watch . It very much R R R ( 3 RRR – triple R not triple A ) rating .
    Some of his comedy is available on Youtube . There was payday loans guarenteed also an American Version of MYL , but wasn’t that popular with the the immigrant community or had any loyal audience . Kinda flopped.

  10. Incredible series a master piece I love all characters and I feel sorry for the characters who are not live I love to meet those who are alive

  11. It is now our fave series. My 9-year son and I love and laugh watching it! Haha! Squeeze Please! Hahaha!

  12. I’m glad that the awesomeness of the show lives on and is enjoyed by more and more people.

  13. It’s 2017 and I’m still watching MYL again…
    Those were the days of fantastic storylines, acting etc…Amazing programme!

  14. Good thing about DVDs, if you miss a show just pop in the disks and sit back. Thanks for the comment.

  15. What a great actors and actress. This movie has inspire me alot. After watching this film for two weeks now, I decided to lean their biography but when i realised that some of them have gone I am not been able to control my emotion anymore so sad at the moment… Best movie i have ever watched thanks to all crew of Mind Your Language.

  16. Mind your language is funnier now than when I originally watched it back in the day. Fantastic performances from all the cast especially from Ali and Rajeet. What a babe Franciose Pascal was and still is, although I am 64.

  17. I loved this show payday loans providers and barry evans was a great actor, as a muslim from india i didnt find it offensive at all. Wish it hadnt been cancelled. Btw young barry evans was a hottie was he not?

  18. I see this in the you tube very often and repeatedly . It is so funny.. All the characters performance is really remarkable!

  19. Thanks for the catch. Probably a typo on my side.

    Robert Lee (1913 – 1 December 1986) – check out his IMDB page as well. Died: December 1, 1986 (age 73) in Hampstead, London, England, UK. Last movie released was posthumously in 1987.

  20. Hi, yes I do seem to have been missed out in some biographies on Mind Your Language. Rest assured, it’s 2017 and I’m still here, and still acting. Thank you to those of you who have left kind words about the programme. It was fun. George Camiller (Giovanni)

  21. @George – most of the info I collected was from Wikipedia. Rest assured that I will try and find more info about everyone.

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  23. Great show the best there is ..thus time will never come again. Its a shame UK producers thought it fascist and season after that has green walls and lost it touch. What a shame. Now we need to know what street Nadeem Ali died? He must have had family? Now saddest part is Barry Evans ignored neglected died lonely as taxi driver no one attended his funeral? His ashes disappears? What the hell? We need to reopen investigation. Killer is alive. As I write this I am hurt inside and sad to hear about Barr Evans. Now rest characters need a reunion. We need answers. Spanish guy died his own country. Mind your language is best there is and best ever will be. So sad. Miss all cast dearly. Today comedy has no value .

  24. George Camiller !
    How are you sir ? May God give you a long healthier life …. Your most of the freinds have died….. most recent was Albert Mosses ….you peoples did wonders and make the world happier… even in Pakistan the DVD series is still available on the leading video markets ! while recorded telecast on National TV was on air in different eras in 1980s & 1990s.
    Owais Ahmed Khan.

  25. I first caught the show on PBS while in Tennessee and fell in love with it. Today I discovered it can be viewed free as a part of an Amazon Prime membership. Am binge watching tonight.

  26. Hey that’s cool. I have Prime but I also have an old dvd of the first three seasons so I usually watch it on that.

  27. Jeremy brown,i miss you so damn,wish you were still alive,it really hurts hearing you passed out….im deeply heartbroken now sob sob…

  28. This show was popular everywhere! I’m from South African, used to watch the show in the 90s with the entire family, wouldn’t miss an episode each week. Truly a classic if they could all get an award or recognition would have been nice.
    South Africa, Pretoria

  29. i just “discovered” the show last February and was hooked ever since , never get tired of watching it over and over again.
    i’m from manila by the way.

  30. Glad to see that the show is getting new fans even in 2018. I love Mind Your Language. It’s so much fun and nostalgia. I grew up watching the show and I love every viewing.

  31. Yes one of the best comedy ever made and so sad how the world forget it. I watch it and enjoy it everytime. I tell others about it young and old.

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