The Changing Of Seasons

Hmm it depends on which season to which season. Here where I live we have hot fucking summer, then a long monsoon, a break of more summer, then a shorter monsoon and then what can laughably called a winter which turns into hot fucking summer again. Great huh?

When the summer changes and we start to get the monsoon, it usually starts getting a lot muggy, hot, cloudy and sweaty before the skies climax in a giant thrashing crescendo of clouds bursting their pregnant bellies and showering us with rains. You tend to fall sick during these first few days, naturally due to the sudden change in temperature and ofcourse the unnatural way due to the first rains carrying more chemicals & dust that is in the air. Once that settles then you get more fresh rain and it is much better. Might cause some problems with the roads and people getting drenched but still we need the rains.

Now once the rains stops, ofcourse it doesn’t stop all at once but gradually, for a week or so it’s actually quite cool & pleasant until the sun’s heat starts burning us up once again. And then you can fall sick once again, until it starts to get all monsoony again. October / November – this is when I start getting really sick with my bronchitic asthma and fevers and stuff. Warm once again until mid Jan and then a brief chill in the air during the early morning hours to show that yes there is something called a winter . That is hardly worth mentioning. And then fucking hot once again as summer sun bakes the land. Come May – glorious rain yet again!

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