The Clone Wars Of Roshan

If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?

Attack of the clones eh? I dunno I think it depends on what I want to get done and how many things I want. If I had the control I’d have a few clones of me – two or three of which I will arrange to go to work in different areas of the city and I will have control of all the money that comes in from them. Wait for it, rub your hands together and go like this….Bwahahahahaha! (Evil laugh)

My economic needs being met by the 3 of them and with money coming in, I’d assign 2 of my clones to get things done for the home – go pay the bills, do the shopping for the stuff needed for the home, do household chores and fix things up. Hmmm, that should be good. And maybe another 2 to go and do charity work around the city.

And what will I do? Enjoy myself, watch movies & tv shows all day and eat & sleep and relax. Hahahah – time to get off my ass and do all these things by my lone self!

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