The Covenant

This is a movie that I read about in a movie blog review first and then downloaded via, a site that lets you download movies for free, after you install their application. The Covenant is about the Sons of Ipswich, descendants of wealthy colonists in Massachusetts. These families have untold powers that are passed down from father to son throughout generations. However one family’s greed for more, made the other four banish them, while the remaining four have based a covenant of secret. Problem happens when a descendant of the fifth comes seeking revenge. The four current sons of the families are Caleb Danvers, (Steven Strait), Pogue Parry (Taylor Kitsch), Reid Garwin (Toby Hemingway) & Tyler Simms (Chace Crawford). Sebastian Stan plays Chase Collins, the son of the fifth family, descendant of the Putnam family, through an illegimate ancestor and later adopted. He found out his true history through his real father and drunk with added power by way of his dad willing his own power to him before dying, Chase wants more. Using the powers too much, although addictive, makes their bodies weak and age much faster than normal. Caleb’s father was addicted to it and made his 44 year old body look older than 90!

The boys can levitate (they swing their jeep sky high and land behind a police car), move things with their minds and as Caleb demonstrates in a memorable scene, he puts his car back together after it is destroys in a crash with a truck. At a party thrown by the students of Spencer Academy, a dead student is discovered. At the party, newcomer Sarah Wenham (Laura Ramsey) is introduced to the boys by her roommate Kate (Jessica Lucas), who is Pogue’s long time girlfriend.

Also transfered to their school is Chase. Chase aligns himself with the 4 sons of Ipswich and hangs out with Kate & Sarah. But there is something odd about him. Sarah feels someone watching her while she showers in the dorm bathrooms but on investigation, only runs into Reid. While sleeping, she dreams about being covered in spiders, which is Chase using his powers over her. Caleb & Sarah being dating, while Pogue thinks that Chase is trying to steal Kate away. During a challenge swimming race between Chase & Caleb, the later sees the former’s eyes turn completely black, just like the quartets’ does when they use their powers. A distracted Caleb hits his head against the pool wall and blacks out, only to be rescued by Chase.

Caleb & Pogue steal into the school records at night and discover the truth about Chase’s lineage. When Pogue finds out that Chase used his powers to put a spell on Kate and that she is hospitalized, he rushes on his bike to hunt for Chase. He too is put under the spell by the more powerful Chase. When Sarah too is under the spell, Chase agrees to let them go in exchange for Caleb willing his power to Chase. That means death for Caleb just like it was for Chase’s father. In the final confrontation, as they battle each other using their powers, Caleb’s father wills his power to his son and he gets the upper hand and defeats Chase. Kate, Pogue & Sarah are able to come out of the spells immediately.

The movie also stars Stephen McHattie as Caleb’s dad, Wendy Crewson as Caleb’s mom & Kenneth Welsh as the school principle. A sequel is planned in 2008.

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