Curve Right Up Ahead

Our clients have given us an offer that is usually reserved only for their direct employees. They have in house schemes to provide Blackberry handsets at much lower costs. For example, the Blackberry Curve series is usually sold to customers in the range of Rs.22,500. Employees at my company can get the same at the cost of Rs.9900!

A reduction of Rs.12,600 just like that! This is the kind of opportunity that you don’t want to miss. I’m not going to take one now as there are more pressing needs, even if it’s at this rate, but come November 1st, I will be in a position to easily afford one easily and I get one of my materialistic wishes come true. I’ve been wanting a Curve ever since they first came out and now I have a chance.

So come November – you shall me mine. Oh yes, you shall be mine!

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