The Dark Knight

So I finally got round to watching The Dark Knight download cocaine cowboys ii hustlin with the godmother , months after most of you have already seen it. Some, like my cousin Sujith, have watched it over 10-20 times. And they rave about it a whole lot.

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Well, there’s good reason to – it’s a very good film with some excellent performances from some very good actors. The special effects are to die for!

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Before I offer you my opinions of the movie, let me tell you that I usually don’t like rebooting of a tried & true series / franchise of movies / tv series. We’ve had lots of it lately and I think there’s a big difference in rebooting and making it too different from the original concept (that’s you – makers of the new Battlestar Galactica). But I think with the new approach to Batman in the latest two movies, Chrisopher Nolan has shown Batman closer to the actual concept and the graphic novels.

Ok, here are my observation, opinions & comments:

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  • The movie rocks, all the actors do wonderfully well but the whole movie is all about The Joker & the late Heath Ledger. The scene as a nurse, when he “corrupts” Harvey Dent, is fantastic.
  • Ledger’s “Why So Serious?” line will be remembered as one of the top 10 movie dialogues of all time.
  • Gary Oldman can play good guys too! :)
  • Is there any big movie without Morgan Freeman? And is there anyone more cooler at his age?
  • Eric Roberts does a fine job in his small role as does Michael Caine (the perfect “Alfred”) in his not so small role
  • Is that Michael Jai White in a tiny role? He was SPAWN! C’mon man! What the hell happened to his career?
  • I was surprised to see Keith Szarabajka in a tiny role in the film. Angel fans will remember him as Angel’s arch-nemesis “Holtz”.
  • The Batpod rocks dude!
  • Batman speaks in a rougher voice than Bruce Wayne – maybe the suit is too tight around the neck!!
  • Aaron Eckhart is awesome as Harvey “Two Face” Dent. He’s better than (gulp) Tommy Lee Jones! But did they have to kill him in the movie?
  • How are they ever going to top this?

4 thoughts on “The Dark Knight

  1. Yeah I’m not too convinced on Bale but I think he’s getting there. And he did do a good job in the movie. I still do not think of him when I think of Batman.

  2. Hmm – I think that Christian Bale has done a great job in both movies as Batman. You have to take into consideration the fact that unlike all previous versions, this one is far darker, and stays much closer to the original Batman storyline – from the comics. Batman is not an uplifting, lighthearted story. You couldn’t put it in the same group as say the Fantastic Four movies. I did like the old Batman movies, and even liked the old tv series too!! My favourite would have to be the new movies though, and for the following reasons.

    1. Storyline – much, much more serious than before
    2. Effects – they really went all out on special effects – love the “tumbler” Batmobile.
    3. Casting – not just Christian Bale, but Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Ken Watanabe, Liam Neason, Aaron Eckheart etc – the list goes on. They all did a bag up job on these two movies. You may notice that I didn’t have one person’s name listed, and that’s because….
    4. Heath Ledger – he was integral to the success of the second movie – and I am sad that he has gone.

    I have both movies on Blu-Ray, and love watching them – I can’t wait for the announcement of the next installment, although I don’t know how they can replace Heath Ledger.

    Oh, and Christian Bale has signed for three movies in the Terminator series as John Connor – looking forward to that too!!!

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