The Day The Earth Stood Still

I was looking forward to watching this movie with bated anticipation. However I was let down immensely. The excitement factor of the Scifi story, updated to include the latest special effects and with a poignant message was appealing. But it failed to deliver, as the movie seemed rushed and made just to have a blockbuster release rather than a real purpose.

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All is not bad – the film updates the Cold War theme of nuclear warfare to the contemporary issue of humankind’s environmental damage to the planet. Klaatu is the alien who was sent to make us change our ways. Failing that, he was to terminate our species so the rest of Earth’s creatures have a chance to do better.

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The rest – the alien understands that humans are bound to do destructive things and hence he plans to destroys humans. So he boards many animals and birds into previously placed spheres and has them taken away from the planet. However in the end, the love that Dr. Benson (Jennifer Connelly) has for her step-son (Jaden Smith) convinces Klaatu (Keanu Reeves) that humans can change their ways and are worth saving. So he sacrifices himself to save humans.

And like some post-apocalyptical movies, this sacrifice comes at the price of all of Earth’s technology becoming useless and immobile. I liked some parts of the movie but overall it was a dissappointment.

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