The Disappointment Of A Lifetime

I can’t believe that I have such bad luck or that the clients are so inconsiderate to people. As you all would have known by known, I had ordered for a Blackberry Curve 8320 3 weeks ago and kept telling the sales team about it. I was eagerly looking forward to getting one, as the clients (who are a leading cell phone service provider) were offering it at corporate discounts for us. I was one of the first to line up – only thing is I was waiting for my salary hike.

I finally get my hike and I tell the clients sale team to keep a Curve 8320 ready for me. I was particular about the colour but in the end I would have taken any of their options as long as I got one. It was all arranged. I told them on the 27th of October that I would give them a post date check for the 1st of November and I would take the Blackberry on the spot. They said that they couldn’t take a postdated checque – even if I was the training AM for their service partner. I was still ok with it and said that I would take it on the 1st.

The 1st being a Sunday, I expected the BB on the 2nd. On the 2nd the sales guy who usually comes to our area was in Trivandrum and so he couldn’t reach me. I asked him what time he would be in today – 11:30 am was the time that he gave me as the time that he would be in to give me and another person in our company the Blackberrys. Ok, is what I said. You’d think that I would get it atleast today wouldn’t you?

Sorry but no deal. At 10 am he calls me up, apologizing that they do not have any stock at the moment! I was like ” what the fuck”. He said that only when he asked for the two handsets was he informed that they were out of stock and that it would take 10 more days for one to reach me. The sales manager was no use to me either. And I’ve got the sales team a lot of sales via our new recruits over the last year or so. They couldn’t hold one for me after all that and after I had said that I had a big interest in getting one.

I told them that I couldn’t wait any more and that I would not have the money in 10 days as I do not know what will happen in that time. I have decided not to take it as if they can’t hold one for me, being almost a part of their company, then they might as well fuck off. I’ll find some other service.

I’m so disappointed that I’m not getting what I’ve been waiting for so long and with such anticpiation for.

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