The Dude Wore Black

Black pants. When it comes to pants/trousers/slacks or whatever you call them, I only wear black. One – it goes with everything. And two – I think that it’s true for fat guys like me, black just makes it look better or not that bad.

That’s plain and simple the main reason as to why I wear only black pants. I also happen to like black as it just seems to be better but mainly it’s the last reason. I therefore also prefer to wear black shoes or maybe a dark brown because of that. Dark shoes go well with black pants. Since I am obese, I stopped wearing & buying jeans. If I ever lose enough weight then I will get back to buying and wearing jeans.

Funnily enough, I don’t like black jeans. Blue, light blue, dark blue. I used to have a dark green jeans which I liked – it didn’t go well with everything but it was cool. I also had an ash or grey colour jeans which was rocking. I hope I get some someday.

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