The Star Trek Episode Rant

A huge part of my free time is spent watching downloaded tv series or movies on my pc (earlier my desktop and  now my notebook). And I must say that I do love a lot of series, mainly scifi series but some others as well. I’ve always been of the opinion that most tv series have too less number of episodes each year. I hate it when the creators of really good series restrict the number of episodes per season to just 13 or so and I curse them out loud from here. Even the ones that have 20-25 episodes per season make me feeling wanting more. Cause when you look it at this way, say that you have a really good series and they show 25 episodes a year – that’s only 25 weeks out of 52. What about the remaining 27 weeks huh buster? It’s murder on us to have to wait 27 weeks or so for a new episode/season to start.

Star Trek series are longer than most. I recently completed downloading the entire episode list of two series – Deep Space 9 & Enterprise. DS9 ran for a full 7 years and a decent 179 episodes or 15-26 episodes per season – that’s still too low for me! Why? Because I love the series and the characters so much that I want even more of them. I can’t get enough. Enterprise was canceled after 4 seasons; they too ran at an average of 24-25 episodes a season. I wasn’t impressed by the numbers anyhow. I love both shows  but I wanted 50 episodes a year – ok the last two weeks of the year are usually crappy winter/Christmas bullcrap anyway so give them the space.

Downloading both these shows have been a labour of love and it’s been very enjoyable watching them completely. A show like Star Trek always has lots of segways and storylines possible coming out of the woodwork and so a show from the makers can never be completely over. Lots of novels & fan stories keep the flame alive and ofcourse I keep the fires burning in my imagination. I’ll be posting some of my thoughts on DS9 and on Star Trek in general. Now the only Star Trek stff left is for me to complete the TNG series. I want more; I want a new series…heck make it two!

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