The Final 6 Months

If I had six months to live, I’d…

  • quit my job and sell a bunch of my stuff.
  • Try and see Canada, visit the land for a while
  • say a personal goodbye to all my friends, taking the time to sit with each and everyone over lunch or dinner and talk to them personally about what their friendship has meant to me
  • Do the same for some members of my family
  • Have a large and loud party with a live rock band and invite all my friends
  • Shave my head everyday
  • Have sex with some porn stars and enjoy threesomes
  • Have long discussions about the origins of the universe and what our place in it is all about
  • Sneak my way into the Playboy mansion and chuck Hugh out and take residence in with all the babes
  • During my last week I will seclude myself for most of it and be on my own
  • On the final day I will go out with a smile on my face

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