The Funniest Child Talk

My then 6 year old cousin Sree was tricked by his older brother and told on his first trip to India from the UK that “all 6 year old boys in India have to go to prison”! This weighed heavily on poor Sree’s brain and although he was quite happy to meet and spend time with so many cousins in India, he was worried.

After a few days of getting to know me and other cousins, he finally asked us “Do they make you do hard labour in Indian prison?”

Ofcourse we all had a hearty laugh over that!

Another one was at my friend’s house a few years ago. His twin cousins, who were about 11 years old were watching tv – the discovery channel as it turned out to be. He and I were sitting out in the front porch and chatting. After a while they both came in and asked him “Was Jesus also born by….artificial inseperation”? The episode they had watched was on artificial insemination!

I laughed my ass off as my red-faced friend scolded his cousins and chased them into their room!

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