The Fuss Over Uncyclopedia

For the first time today I heard/read about a satirical website called Uncyclopedia which is a parody of Wikipedia. It’s been up since 2005 but I only came to know about it this morning, while reading the newspaper – The Indian Express.

I can’t believe that the Central government of India wants to bring in a legislation that makes ridiculing or derogatory statements against Mahatma Gandhi an offense! Some people are miffed that  ‘Uncyclopedia’ mocks Gandhi in the page about him! Among some really immature things that they say about his childhood, his parents & his school friends using his “small size” for ridiculous things, they also ridicule his clothing and his non-violent movement. Now here’s the point – they mock everybody; it’s a parody website. No one takes this website seriously; atleast no one in their right mind takes it seriously. Do most of us like these websites – no! Do they serve any purpose? None that I can see except for some slight humour (the vast majority of it would embarrass a 12 year old!) But it falls under freedom on speech. They aren’t hurting anybody, or so it seems!

Now Indian politicians want to get involved in it. The Kerala Assemble Speaker states that “the portrayal of Gandhi in such a bad light is unacceptable to any self-respecting Indian”. By a satirical website that apparently most of us haven’t heard off and none of us, except for the mentally challenged, will take seriously. Seriously, India, we need to grow up.

How about catching criminals, removing corrupt officials, tackling poverty, injustice and addressing the basic needs of the people ?

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