The Good Ones Are All Taken

The good ones are always all taken. Unfortunately for someone like me. Whenever I have found and met a woman who I really like and gel with and who has atleast shares some similar interests, things that would be good to share with, enjoy as, do together as a couple, it’s always a little too late. Engaged, married or married with kids. As in married and has a kid, not married to a kid. Married to a kid would be wrong, very wrong. Unless it’s to like me, who is just a big kid at heart!

Why is that I never have any luck? Fuck, it’s so unfair that I think that I will never find that elusive one. That one woman who so wants to be with me and share things with me. All I ask for is one woman, hot or plain, but to be crazy about me, who wants to spend most of her time with me. Wants to watch movies together, sitting in the comfort of our living room or between the sheets of our bedroom. Perfection would be if she likes horror and science fiction as well. Or atleast she isn’t into stuff like Star Trek but is willing to sit by patiently and pay attention as I explain the stuff that is important in Star Trek – and she does it because it’s important to me! That would be awesome.

Instead here I am at 39, most guys I know are either married and have families at my age. My bed is half empty as is my heart. I won’t settle for the arranged route, it’s not something I believe in though I understand it. I need to be friends with her first. The problem is I do make friends but they are already with someone. Loneliness is like a lover who refuses to leave.

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