The Graveyard Shift Of The Vampire

Last week was a tough one. Due to a work requirement, I had to do a late night shift. 9:30 pm to 6:30 am. This was one of the worst shift timings that you can ever do. It was because I had to start and train a new batch of 15 new employees and we could only do it in this time slot. So the previous weekend I tried to ensure that I went to sleep late, watching tv shows till 3:30 am or 4:30 am and then sleeping in till noon. On Monday I woke up by 11 am but made sure that I got a couple of hours of sleep in the afternoon post lunch. I got up by 5 pm and then went about getting coffee and a snack and lazed around till 6:30 pm.

Then I shaved and showered and relaxed with a juice and waited for my dinner. By 9pm I was logged in and checking my email. The trainees started joining my Webex bridge slowly and then post introductions and expectation setting, I started the sessions. I gave them two breaks of 30 minutes each – one at 12:30 am and then other at 4am for coffee/tea and snacks. At 6:15 am I would make them fill the training survey and then send then for the day. I then got my breakfast – no coffee, which I had at 4:00 am – and then watched a bit of tv before falling asleep.

I would only wake up by 2 pm and then brush my teeth and then have lunch. I’d watch tv till 6 pm when I’d have coffee and then shave and shower. More coffee until dinner and then wait for the trainees to arrive. Repeat until Saturday morning. It was fun but tiring and now I am back at the more reasonable working hours of 12:30 pm to 9:30 pm for I guess the next 2 weeks.

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