The Great Tumblr

I’ve always loved blogs more than any other kind of website. And I mean normal blogging.

I must say that I prefer the usual blog format – you can always add more pictures and stuff in a blog and then as much writing as you want. It’s the writing that usually makes me come back to a blog over and over again. Cause anyone with a good camera can post pictures. But not everyone can post good blog posts. If  I come to visit you it’s because you are honest, expressive, thoughtful and funny. Or I find you extremely attractive – and that’s only for you girls, I don’t swing both ways. Shut up Manoj!

Having said that I’ve also jumped on the bandwagon and started accounts in many of the alternative options. Tumblr looks good. So I created an account there. Those of you who come here, please also bookmark my tumblr site – The Great Tumblr.

6 thoughts on “The Great Tumblr”

  1. Um, I didn’t say anything about you swinging both ways Roshan! Methinks you doth protest too much! Is that a closet door that I see opening in front of you )

  2. “Cause anyone with a good camera can post pictures. But not everyone can post good blog posts.”

    Okay, I have to protest here. Anyone with a good camera can indeed take pictures and post them just like anyone with internet access can open a blog and write but please, please don’t diminish the art of photography.

    Just like writing, it’s an art. True, not everyone can appreciate it but yet it so happens not everyone with a good camera can take good picture. Camera has nothing to do with the pictures. You can take worst camera and can take awesome pictures, you simply need to have an eye for the things to click for…express yourself with your photographs. Show people what appealed to you in the place you were. Its an art and not an instrument.

  3. Hi Richa – if you read it again, I did say that ‘everyone with a good camera can post pictures’ – I didn’t say good or awesome pictures. And yes, everyone with net access can open up a blog and write….but I don’t read just anyone’s blog.

    In both cases it has to be special or interesting or funny to me for me to keep coming back. I suppose that is the same for everyone.

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