The Hangover

From the time that the movie came out, The Hangover has been claimed to be a great film, a great comedy and one of the most funniest films of the decade. Most people I knew who watched it raved about it. It was all over the internet. I even know of a few people here who don’t watch many English language/Hollywood movies at all – and even they loved it a lot. I dunno why I never got round to seeing it till this afternoon but I can’t understand what all the fuss was about. I didn’t find it to be that great!

Ok I didn’t say it wasn’t a good film or that it isn’t funny. It is funny but not that funny. Maybe I built it to be so much based on the hype but I wasn’t that impressed with the film. I have seen a lot better. It’s a good film and I would recommend that you watch it but ….. you get the idea! Here are some points on the movie:

  • Guys on a drinking trip, in Las Vegas, things going wrong – its a formula that will always work. Nothing like a guy bonding film to attract the young crowd.
  • Las Vegas is the ultimate party town – if you have the money. And if you want to get married!
  • The Mike Tyson cameo was a great idea and it worked.
  • Heather Graham looks lovely in her small role. I have missed watching her in movies.
  • I don’t like Zack Galifianakis – he just puts me off. But I can’t believe that he is ‘Davis’ from tv’s Tru Calling! I liked that show a lot and it seems like such a long time ago that I had seen it. He was better in that series.
  • The tiger in the bathroom angle seems to be a concept borrowed from Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle.
  • The movie makes good use of the music.
  • I think Ed Helms as “Stu” was the best thing about the movie.
  • Who is this hottie Alexandra ‘Sasha’ Baresse? Growl!
  • I really liked the photo slide show thingy at the end of the movie, which shows exactly what the 4 guys did on the night!

Overall I’d give the movie a 7 outta 10! I don’t see myself watching this movie many times over the years.

    3 thoughts on “The Hangover

    1. This movie was fantastic! I really don’t see the connection between Harold and Kumar and this movie with respect to the animals. In H&K, they ride a cheetah after smoking dope with it. In this movie, Allan (Zach) finds a tiger in the bathroom, which turns out to be one that they stole from “Iron” Mike Tyson!! No comparison really!
      This was like a mystery movie where the main characters don’t know what happened – but just really, really funny You failed to mention Ken Jeong jumping out naked from the back of the car, the scene where they think they’ve got Doug back, but it turns out it ‘s another guy named Doug! How they get the police car (and how they atone for it with Zach taking a taser shot from the kid he made fun of earlier!)!
      The ending was good – the pictures did help the story.

      Oh, and what about the beginning of the movie, when Stu is telling his girlfriend that his friends are not juvenile and are mature? We see a car pull up outside, and then you hear Phil shout out “Dr. Faggot, paging Dr. Faggot”

      This was a very funny movie. Please watch The Hangover Part II – it was even funnier!!

    2. Manoj – I knew for certain that you would comment on my review of the Hangover. I just knew it.

      Ok – the connection is the big cat in a movie about intoxicated people. Ofcourse it won’t be exactly the same; there’s bound to be some changes.
      Yeah the taser scenes are funny.
      Most people have not had good things to say about the sequel but yeah I’ll give it a try.

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