The House Lost In Time

Well, this is becoming a comedy of sorts. The kind were the dude star of the movie searches high & low for a bride and gets all these ugly freaks and laughter ensues. Yeah only it ain’t a comic actor, it’s me and it’s not a movie but it’s my life!! And I’m not searching for the love of my life, I’m searching for a place to rent.

So yesterday evening after work, me & a colleague went with this guy who had called me up about a house that he had for rent. It was his cousin’s house and it was about a couple of walking minutes away from our office. When we got there we saw this old, old, old run down house. I’m telling its fucking old, like built probably before the British landed in India!! No I’m exaggerating, its’ not that old but atleast before 1940s!! It’s a mess and the doors in certain rooms are broken down, toilet is a fucking mess and I wouldn’t be caught dead in it.

If I was wounded, running from a pack of zombies or vampires and I needed a place to hide, I’d never hide in there if it was the last place on earth! Cause something more older and dangerous than those vampires & zombies might live in there. Older than fucking time itself. My colleague and I barely controlled our laughter while we were there and as soon as we left, we burst out laughing. What a douchebag!!

2 thoughts on “The House Lost In Time”

  1. Or the Land That Time Forgot. Land of the Dinosaurs. I dunno. U shud have seen the place.

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