The Hunt Is So On

I went to attend an interview yesterday. I had gone to a company in Infopark (Kakkanad) and was going recommended for the job post by the brother of the person who was conducting the interview. He already had a lot of details about me. So I took the day cause I was told that the companies in Infopark usually take a long time to complete an interview. I left my apartment at 9am and made my way to their offices.  I reached the gates at 9:40 am and asked for directions. Turns out that they had offices in two building a little distance apart and with my luck I went to the wrong one first. I then checked and got directions to come to the older of the two buildings.

The day was quite hot, the sun blazing down on a hapless city in all it’s glory and I was sweating as I made my way to the reception area. I was asked to sit and wait for a while. I was glad to and would have killed for a glass of cold water as my throat felt quite parched by this time but I didn’t ask. I just sat there and dabbed my forehead with my handkerchief and cooled down as much as I could. In about 10 minutes, I met the person and we sat in a small discussion room that was part glass so that people in the lobby could see into the room. We talked for a bit as he went through my resume and discussed a few points. Then he told me that he wanted two more people to meet me and have a chat with me and if I was free could I hang around. I smiled and said that I was free for the day and would gladly wait.

About 45 minutes later I met another gentleman and a lady who were in town from the another firm’s Trivandrum offices and spent around 20 minutes talking with them about the various kinds of work that I have done. I think it went well although you really cannot tell in these cases. Once that was done I left their offices and I will get to know how I fared in a couple of days. That done it was me walking in the hot  sun trying to find the bus stop to get to Ernakulam city area, where I had a meeting/discussion with anothe set of people who are starting up a new venture. It’s a small BPO and since I’m like semi-selected with them I was to meet a couple of their directors & financiers. The meeting went well and took about 2 hours or so.

By now it was late afternoon and I just wanted to come home. I had had cold juices during the meeting but no lunch. I came home and ate a handful off rice with curd and some veggies. I was dead tired and I plonked down on my bed and took a long nap. Now I have another interview tomorrow and I hope that goes well too.

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