The Ideal Home – If Money Was No Issue

I’d build a huge 3 story mansion, on palatial grounds with a huge Olympic size outdoor pool and an artificial waterfall leading to another pool next to it. A tennis court, basketball court and a lavish garden where my dogs and cats can run around and play in to their hearts content. 4 door garage. So that’s the outside. Let’s take a look at the inside.

Front doors will lead you to an exquisite foyer where you’ll have large closets for coats and shoes, a big honking chandelier just after the entrance and right behind is the massive stairways leading to heaven the second and thirds floors. Carpeted stairs by the way. On the right with a formal living rooms with big sofas, chairs and coffee tables. Tasteful and selected art on the walls, vases and other arts on the tables and showcases. Massive bookshelf. Powder room as well. A formal office. On the left of the foyer will be a more casual and relaxed family room with huge flat screen tv and music system.Lots of comfy sofas and recliners to relax yo ass in. Next to that a big dining room that can seat 20 people if needed. Behind that a massive kitchen with all the latest appliances – microwave, huge two door fridge, ice maker, dish washer, ovens, stove, two sinks and a kitchen island. Beakfast table. Wine cooler and a separate beer & soft drinks fridge. Off the kitchen we’ll have a pantry, a washroom, storeroom and a laundry room for a washing machine and dryer.

The second floor has a big game room – arcade games, pool table, table tennis, play room, video games, ps3 and that shit. Another roo has a pool table, poker table and a fridge plus a bar for all the drinks. Snack bar set up next to it. A library room with a huge collection of books. A big theatre with big recliners to watch movies & tv shows like in the actual theatres. With a soda stand and a popcorn machine. Real popcorn with butter. Another houses a smaller libary with computers and a dvd/bluray collection. And finally all the bedrooms will be upstairs. Nice simple house eh?

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