The Kids Are Happy

The school exams are over. Not that I was writing it but yeah the kids are all celebrating from this evening. For the last few weeks there has been less traffic on the streets as the parents of kids who have exams are also staying at home and ensuring that junior & Miss junior keeps their nose in those textbooks and study as hard as possible. But that is gonna change.

These kids, including my 12 year old niece, are now gonna enjoy their summer holidays. They will go out for movies, for sports, for activities that include participating in sports and learning one, learning arts and singing or maybe pick up an instrument and learn how to create music. They will go to the theme parks and play games and have sleepovers with their friends and cousins.

I miss that. I miss those simpler times. I loved the vacations and enjoy mine to the max. Have a great summer holidays kids. Things are only gonna get worse!

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