The Last Time I Saw Someone From High School

It’s been a while since I met anyone from my school days. I haven’t been able to keep in touch with any of my friends (School ended at grade 10, age 15 and then college for 2 years of predegree as was the format at that time) since I turned 23. From age 17 till 23 I met a few of my friends on a semi-regular basis as some of them lived near me and it was easier to hang out with them. I would go to one of their houses or they would come to mine and we’d go for a movie or get some lunch or beer during the evenings. I think I last met one of my friends Binju at the wedding of a mutual non-school friend we both in 1999. Another friend, Renjish, lived quite near to my old house in Thrikkakara and we met quite often until 2003-04.

Couple of times I have had my old school mates join the same company that I worked for. In 2005 I was quite surprised to see Jesna, sitting in as a call center agent in my old office while I was a trainer in one of their other centers. I happened to come over to the main office for a meeting when I saw her and was pleasantly surprised. Jesna was a girl I would often run to in & around Marin drive for a few years after we completed 5 years of being in the same school of our school. Also in 2008 just when i got promoted, another of my school friends (I just can’t remember her name right now) joined at the entry level after spending the past 6 years raising her twins. Unfortunately she found the ever changing shift timings tough to handle, especially since she had a young family and quit in a month’s time.

Through Facebook I have been in touch with a few friends from school and while that is great, it is nothing compared to meeting them in real life. Most of them are married and have kids right now, some of them are abroad and some of them look very different from what I remember, going by pictures, and some of them have barely aged except for looking like older versions of their 15 year old selves. I just feel that we should be able to find the time and space to meet up sometime since a lot of us live in the same city.

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