The Lion Tamer

If you ran away and joined the circus, what would your role be? Would you run a concession? Would you train elephants? Be a clown? Ringmaster? Why?

I was never into the circus much, not even as a child. Over the years living in Cochin we’ve had a few visits by a Russian circus and not even a molecule within me was interested in going and seeing them. I do remember some really good acts that I have seen on tv with juggling, trampoline, balancing and all that stuff. Major talented people some of them. I remember in particular one act that came from Korea (not sure if it was North or South) and they did this amazing 20 minute show that blew the American crowd and everyone who saw it on tv.

Other than those I have seen bits in some movies or tv shows and that’s about it. Sometimes of knife throwers with amazing aim, some magical acts and some clown bits that draw laughs. But if were to join a circus I’d want to go all the way and do the most daring acts – those with lions & other cats. The lion tamer. Put my head into the jaws of a huge lion that looks so ferocious but he wouldn’t close his jaws to crush my head because he has been trained by me. That and make these big cats jump through hoops, do a little dance, chair jumps and make them behave as calm as pussycats.

That’d be me in the circus, drawing the most gasps and the oohs and aahs.

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