The Lone Boy In An Entire Class


The situation is hilarious for some but I’m sure the young man in question will fail to see the humour in it. Naveen is the only student in the 6th grade of the Government Sanskrit School in Thripunithura.

Imagine the plight of the poor boy? The teachers sit right next to him while teaching him (but his grades are good). There’s no point in him raising his hand when the teacher asks a question. He has no one to pass notes to and cannot make funny faces behind the teacher’s back. Classmates? None. A class reunion takes on a whole new meaning – it will be just him and the teachers.

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Having no one to play with him, lonely Naveen convinced 3 of his neighbours to have their dads transfer them to the school, which is good. But the 3 of them are a year younger and are in the 5th grade! Well, something is better than nothing!

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