The Lone Simpsons’ Fan

This just in, shocking news! It seems like, gulp, that I am the one and only Simpsons fan in my entire office. With a staff of almost 600 people, you would have thought that there would definitely be atleast a handful of yellow fans around. But, as it turns out, a huge staggering majority have never even heard of the name of the world’s most famous family! Arggh! Out of the remaining, some recognized the name but I had to help them connect the image of the yellow guys to the name ‘Simpsons’. At that point, they were like ‘oh yeah! I know them, I see their adverts on all the time. But do you watch that; isn’t that a cartoon for kids?”

Is it a cartoon? I prefer to call it ‘animated series’! Is it for kids? Hell no, I don’t think most Indian kids would follow it. Plus the subject matter isn’t for them. My two nephews don’t watch them. I wouldn’t recommend it either.

Anyhow, it finally came to me that ‘I’ am the lone guy, the sole guy who enjoys watching the Simpsons. I remember when I showed the images of me as a Simpson to my buddy Vinitha, she said of one of the pictures (the one on the right), “That just looks like that man!” She meant Homer.

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