The Long Way Back Home

What a day! Because President Patil is in town today there was a road block in the morning due to buses being rerouted. And so some buses did not ply their normal route in the morning, choosing to sit it out till the afternoon rather than be inconvenienced.  Certain areas were affected more than others.

By evening it was raining a whole lot in Kalamassery where I work. We wanted to leave the office at 8 pm but waited for 30 more minutes to see if the rain would let up a little bit. It was pouring for some time. And then to top it all off there was a huge traffic jam at HMT junction. Cars, bikes, trucks, buses, lorries, mini-vans – all honking their horns and trying to get by. It was maddening. Another 30 minute wait over there and finally we got into a bus.

And then we moved like a drunk snail! On crutches!! It was slower than going nowhere and I was bored outta my skull waiting for the bus to reach my stop. Finally I reached and came home to sulk in my bed.

4 thoughts on “The Long Way Back Home”

  1. It’s beautiful. Is that Inniskillin by any chance? I’ve watched a special about that winery on Travel & Living Channel.

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