The Love Guru

I’m a huge fan of Mike Myers, I dig Jessica Alba and I love the sport of hockey – but I gotta admit; this movie failed big time! A box office failure and a critically panned film, The Love Guru seems like an oddly put together, badly acted and badly scripted last minute rush. Here’s my take:

  • The best parts are the songs: 9 to 5, More Than Words & The Joker sung by Myers. The scene with Myers singing the Extreme ballad playing on a sitar along with Manu Narayan on guitar is good.
  • Bad casting – Verne Troyer as the Toronto Maple Leafs coach. Terrible!
  • Bad casting – Justin Timbersucks; can’t sing, can’t act. Is a douchebag!
  • The overuse of an actresses’ name as a Sanskrit greeting : Mariska Hargitay! They could have atleast had her cameo appearance at the end of the show instead of towards the beginning.
  • The Maple Leafs winning the Stanley Cup – hahahaha!
  • Jessica Alba is wasted in this movie, more like a prop rather than the female lead.
  • I did not like Romany Malco as the hockey star. Really bad acting.
  • And oh my sweet Satan! What the fuck is Ben Kingsley doing as a really badly cartoon version of a guru. Guru Tugginmypudha – perhaps the name is the funniest part. What a bad accent and dumb acting.
  • Ok, I gotta admit it. Watching white people singing & dancing to Hindi songs is funny.
  • Myers is funny in places (doing the cool handshake thingy) but overall, it’s a waste of a really good talent.

Bad movie, bad acting, silly script! It all went wrong. The trailer was funnier and more entertaining to watch! 6 outta 10.

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