The Low Down Shoes Blues

Bad few days for being a shoe! I’m so upset about it that I couldn’t get myself to blog about it yesterday.

I had bought a shoe from a shop quite near my apartment a few months back. It was quite a good shoe and yet cheaper than most shoes of the same kind in the bigger stores that I had seen. So I bought it and wore it but a few days back I noticed a hole on the left side of the left shoe. Damn, I have to buy a new one (I only keep a pair with me at all times).

So I went into the same store on Monday night and bought another pair. This one was a bit tight around the toes. However it was the right size numbered and when I tried the next biggest size it was quite loose. So I bought that and came home. Yesterday, just 4 days later, during my almost hour long walk in the hot afternoon sun, I tripped on this big rock and the heel part of the show is now flapping open like the mouth & tongue of a dog after he has run a mile! It’s ruined.

The store said that they’d try to get it stitched in such a way that it won’t show on the outside. But I am not optimistic. Sigh!

2 thoughts on “The Low Down Shoes Blues

  1. Oh dear…. was it Made In China? LOL

    Seriously, you should buy a pair of shoes and not just one shoe, unless you only have one foot and you never told us…


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