The Man From Earth

love is the drug download A stunning storyline, great acting and a couple of twists that will shock you! That’s Jerome Bigsby’s The Man From Earth, an intellectual Sci-fi movie based solely on the conversations of it’s handful of characters sitting in the living room of a small house and in the porch.

The movie is about Professor John Oldman David Lee Smith) who is packing up and leaving his  job & home behind while moving to a new location. His colleagues show up to give him an unexpected farewell party: Harry (John Billingsley, a biologist); Edith (Ellen Crawford, a fellow professor and devout Christian); Dan (Tony Todd, an anthropologist); Art Jenkins (William Katt), an archeologist, and his student Linda Murphy (Alexis Thorpe) and Sandy (Annika Peterson), a historian who is in love with John. Dr Will Gruber an elderly psychologist also joins them a little later.

What follows is an intriguing conversation as John reveals himself to be a Cro-Magnon man, who has been living for 14000 years. Every 10 years he moves to another destination as people start to observe that he isn’t aging. John resumes his story by stating that he was once a Sumerian for 2000 years, then a Babylonian under Hammurabi, and finally a disciple of Gautama Buddha and a friend of Vincent Van Gogh.

But the killer is how he blasts the myth of Jesus Christ (Christians may not like watching this movie but us rationalists will get a kick out of it) in such a manner that it’s mind-blowing. The movie ends on a further twist, althought it’s more of a personal one for Dr. Gruber and the man is devasted by the revelation. It’s worth watching the movie for just these two scenes. They are that powerful!

After Jerome Bixby’s death the script was given to Richard Schenkman to direct on a $200,000 budget. The screenplay for this movie was conceived by Jerome Bixby in the early 1960s and was completed on his death bed in April 1998, making it his final piece of work. Download it & watch it, as the makers of the film have supported peer-to-peer internet sharing of this movie.

2 thoughts on “The Man From Earth

  1. The Man from Earth is the most intellectually satisfying movie that I have ever seen. And yeah, I agree with you. The Jesus part is the killer one.

    Moreover, did you know that this was the first ever movie for which the producers thanked the torrent sites for making it popular ? The movie got its critical acclaim and fame, thanks to those who downloaded the mvie, got hooked by it and shared !

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