The Meeting Of The Three

This afternoon I went to the Cafe Coffee day franchise in Pallimukku (opposite the Medical Trust Hospital) to meet up with my best friends Anil & Madhu. We hadn’t met in a few weeks and I was quite looking forward to it. Nothing much planned, we said that we’d meet for some coffee for a couple of hours as both Madhu & myself are broke and searching for new employment. But it had been a while since we have hung out and anything was better than nothing at all. So we fixed the time for 3pm. Around 2:45 pm I left home in an auto and Anil joined me at the junction as his office is quite near my home. We made our way to the Cafe and got a nice seat at the front of the cafe. I hadn’t noticed that CCD (or maybe it’s only this particular franchise) had become a semi-self service place – you had to pay for your drinks & food at the counter once you had decided on what you wanted and they would serve it to you at your table. Prepaid service is more appropriate I guess.

What I did notice was this tall white chick, I’d say American but I couldn’t be sure who walked into the cafe just ahead of us. She was with an Indian guy but from the way they sat and talked, it looked all professional. She wasn’t very pretty but still quite pleasant and she had these nice long legs. She was wearing a skirt the length which was….well before she sat down I knew that if she was  gonna sit at a slight angle from me I would be able to see the path onto her rose garden!! I was facing my back to her but the wall in front of me was a full length mirror on one one section and I could see  her very well. Very well indeed. Nice legs indeed. She crossed them and I got a nice view and I must admit that she has such lovely legs. Then she uncrossed me and I felt like I was getting my own version of the scene from Basic Instinct! Hmmmm!!! OK! coming back, I tried looking away as hard as I possibly could and was finally able to be engrossed in conversation. Oh and sometime before all this Madhu joined us.

The three of us talked for a good 2 hours. We have a Choco Rocks, kinda like a cold version of hot chocolate with plenty of ice and a little later Anil & I had small chicken burgers while Madhu had a spinach corn sandwich. Anil & Madhu said that things would become better soon and that they would try to help me out. Well both Madhu & I need some help in getting a good job but atleast he has some income coming in from some land in his name that is being rented out, plus his wife is working and she is making a good income. So atleast there is that. I am not in the same position and will soon be struggling. And by soon I mean in a few days. I sincerely hope that things turn out ok for me & Madhu as soon as possible.

We said our goodbyes at 5pm and I went to buy some medicines for mom before catching an auto and making my way home. I watched an episode of Stargate SG1 season 8 before getting up and making some coffee and some popcorn. It’s a beautiful evening and there’s a lovely breeze coming in. Along with some mosquitoes! Ick!

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