The Melancholic & Mellifluous Melody

In lieu of me moving from my comfort zone of my home and Cochin and a little away from family, this song keeps coming to my mind. First of all guitarist Andy McKee wrote this brilliant, melodic & melancholic piece of music on a similar situation – he wrote it when he moved away from home, quit college and decided to pursue music against his father’s wishes. He remembered the feeling of being a little scared and yet a whole lot of excitement at venturing out on his own. When he made a name for himself, his father was quite proud of him.

Although I am much older than Andy when he moved and I have nothing but my folks’ best wishes & blessings, I am still a little apprehensive at this move due to not having enough funds, choosing a place that’s not as good as I would have wanted it to be and not wanting to move from my hometown to this city. But I did it because I feel that it would be better for me rather than traveling all that time in the bus and save my back from the pain I’ve been feeling the last few weeks. And anyway, it’s a beauty of a song. Enjoy Drifting by Andy McKee.

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