The Mental Benefits Of Physical Exercise

We all know perfectly well by now about the physical health benefits of exercise – let’s face it, that’s the entire reason the concept was invented. Enjoying these benefits is without a doubt a major part of why any of us will take up exercising. With that said, it might be worth looking more closely at an equally important aspect of health, that can also be boosted by exercise. That, of course, is our mental health – a topic about which we should all be perfectly aware by now, but which still finds itself relegated all too often behind physical fitness and ailments.

How does exercise boost our mental health? How often should we be looking to fit in a workout, and what benefits will we see? Perhaps most importantly from a saliency point of view, what are the mental health implications of exercise while in quarantine? Let’s look at some of the key facts that should motivate you as you seek to get fit in body and mind.

Exercise elevates mood, even if you don’t want to do it!

Many of us are skeptical about exercise, because it is physical exertion and is harder than whatever the alternative is. In short, it seems like an effort we don’t want to expend, and it can be hard to talk someone into exercising (even if that someone is you). But here’s the deal – any spell of physical exertion will leave you feeling better mood-wise than the same spell watching TV or looking at your phone.

Even simply going for a walk is better physically and mentally than staying in place – so put some headphones in and get to work; you’ll be glad you did. Some physical exercise that raises the pulse, at least once a day, will make a big difference to your mental health

Stress-busting benefits are unmistakable

Stress is everywhere: we are stressed by our jobs, by the lack of jobs, by the global outlook, and by any number of issues in our personal lives. All of us are affected to a greater or lesser extent by stress (some more than others, without a doubt), and it is detrimental to our health on a number of fronts. Not only does exercise release endorphins, which help our minds and bodies beat stress, but it can also combat the restlessness that is a major symptom of the issue.

Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand – with positive results

A major benefit of exercising well is that it ensures your body will give you worthwhile feedback that you can action for a positive benefit. For example, if you hop on the exercise bike and then cramp up after a short spell, it likely means you’re not getting enough hydration and/or electrolytes in your diet. As a side benefit of upping your water intake, you’re likely to feel mentally sharper and less prone to low moods and anxiety.

Once you start to factor exercise into your considerations, you start to think in a more concrete way about wellness, look at the likes of Steel supplements to up your nutrient intake, and the benefits will be felt on physical and mental fronts alike. Some simple quarantine workouts can really make a difference on all levels.

Although you’ll sometimes feel like exercise is the last thing you want to do, getting it done has so many benefits that, after a short spell, you’ll wonder how you could do without it – so persevere and you’ll feel much better for it.

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