The Mic Shatters The Quite Stillness

One of the drawbacks of moving from a semi-rural suburban town to the city. In fact, right smack down towards the heart of the city of Cochin. What am I talking about? I’ll tell ya!

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Sunday quite stillness was shattered yesterday with the initial sound of a microphone being plugged in and some banal voice saying “Hello” multiple times and then “test” a further few times.

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I was just making my second cup of coffee when I heard this and the sound check presumably done with, me and my neighbours were assulted with the off key singing of a few people sans instruments! It wasn’t pretty to hear.

There’s this building next to us which has an open stage & seating right in front. This building belongs to a leading local wedding card & decorations company. I don’t know what event it was but there were people watching it. Right smack in the middle of a residential area! This is the second time in 2009 that it has happened.

I feel like taking a machine gun and going all ballistic over them! No I probably wouldn’t do that. But this is ridiculous!

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