The Missing Ladies

So a short holiday is over, time to go back to work. I am so bored. I was disappointed that three of my sessions had to be canceled; the third one was genuine as it was due to a huge number of calls coming in to the customer service center. I can understand that but not the first two. That was meant for people of supervisory level and they were so lame that only two of them showed up. I waited for sometime until I was sure that I would not have a good turnout and told the two who came to go home.

I gave up my lunch in order to prepare for the session and that is what I get. Anyway, I went off to do some other stuff and took it easy for the rest of the day. My AM had to go by 6 pm since her mom who is new to the state & does not speak the language or know the routes, got lost while shopping. She had to run to go and get her mother and lead her back to their home. That was funny for us but not for her mom…or for her. Although I did send a funny message about the incident to her.

One of my colleagues is acting up again and this time I am not gonna be on her side. I can’t speak for a person who is not blatantly ignoring all the rules and is doing all she can to piss off management. I dunno what I can say. This is not the first time and I just can’t help her blindly. So I said that “I did not hear this and you did not tell me”. I don’t want to see trouble happening. Anyways I left the office early and came back home and played with my little niece for a bit before coming here to listen to some music.

Song for the day – “Kansas Storm” – BUCKETHEAD

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