The Most Beautiful & Classy Trophy In Sports

With the recent plaudits still coming in for last Sunday’s Wimbledon Men’s final and that incredibly long 5th set (it was longer than most Soap Opera series), the most important championship in tennis takes down memory lane. I remembered all those years ago, 22 to be exact when I sat in front of the tv screen and watch Pat Cash climb the stands to go and hug his family after he’d won the 1987 title.

clash of the titans dvd From that year onwards I was a tennis fan and Wimbledon fascinated me. The history, the traditions, the green grass, the legends, the glamour….but most importantly it was the trophy! Ladies & gentlemen, the trophy that they give to the men’s single winner at the All England Championships is hands down, the most beautiful & classy looking trophy ins sports that there is. Just look at it.

homo erectus aka national lampoon s stoned age online

I must say that it is best displayed in sunlight to showcase it in all it’s spendor and the gold contracts brilliants in the sunlight and the green grass. It was the trophy that I dreamt of winning and holding from the age of 11. It still holds a magical effect over me, although I don’t watch tennis anymore and haven’t since the last 8 or 9 years. It really is special.

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