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I have this futuristic sci-fi vision, which I think could knock off everything else, even Star Wars & Star Trek. But I just can’t get the images in my mind onto paper or text. I want to put into words in the form of a blog or something but I keep putting it off. Too bad I can’t tape the visions in my brain and show them in avi format.

Some of you may remember that back in June of last year, I had set out to finally write out my blog novel at but I only got the one post out, setting the scene as to why & how the humans would leave Earth and settle on 3 planets. There’s a lot more stuff to come – that’s just the top most molecule on the tip of the iceberg! I just can’t seem to commit myself to sitting down and writing it.

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So I’m going to try again. By the following Tuesday, I would have typed out atleast a chapter or two. I have this Sunday and Monday off, so I should have enough time to get on it. I’ve had these ideas since I was 26 and I should be able to get some form of it into words. So wish me luck guys!

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