The New Three

I’ve added two members to my team – we had run an IJP (Internal Job Posting) from the tenured crowed of call center associates and finally 2 were selected to become the new Communication Coaches for the Cochin center. Their names are Riju & Rekha; although I haven’t really known much about Rekha before, she seems to be a level-headed & sensible person, and Riju is a former trainee of mine.

The Communication Coach posts are starting for the first time in our center and hence there’s some learning to be done for all the aspects. I also have a 3rd Comm Coach joining my team – he is from our Coimbatore location and his name is Firdaus. He will join us on the 18th. I’m excited to get 3 new faces and intergrate them into the team. Welcome to you three!

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