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My newspaper reading habits have changed very little since I was a pre-teen. So let’s say from the age of 12 till today at the age of 35, for 23 years, I have read the papers almost on a daily basis. And it is always the same manner – I do a quick glance at the front that lasts all of 10 seconds and then flip over to the last page & start reading the sports sections. The 2nd & 3rd last pages of the paper will also be sports and I read anything related to tennis & football and if there is an interesting article on any other sport then I read that too. This will take roughly 15 to 30 minutes depending on the number of articles that interest me.

On the second last page are the daily (minus Sunday) comics that I like so much. The Phanton, Hi & Lois, The Lockhorns, Beetle Bailey & Henry (the bald & mute kid). Always good for a few laughs and the Phantom is an all-time fav hero. After that is is a quick glance at the business page just to see if there is any announcement in the mobile sector (having worked in it for over 7 years it still is something I check from time to time) and then to the world section. Snippets and articles from across the world and some entertainment news as well. Those usually are a good read and then I scan through the rest of the National, state & city news for anything that tweaks my interest, the front page and finally check the cable tv channels airing movies or sports games for the day. Not that I watch much tv but it still is something that I check.

On Sundays, it usually is a quick read of the Sunday papers and then the Sunday supplement sections of art, literature, travel, food & drink, movies and sports that come out in separate sheets. I used to spend a lot more time on these but the quality has gone down quite a lot.

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3 thoughts on “The News That Interests Me Most

  1. That’s a shame because I know lots of people have quit reading newspapers. It’s still something I am used to and don’t want to give up, although if I lived on my own I might not subscribe to it. I’d miss newspapers though; I wouldn’t recommend taking ur laptop or tablet pc to the loo!!!

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