The Next Technological Innovations?

What will the next must-have technological innovation be? Jetpacks? Hoverboards? Wind-powered calculators?

My answers will sound like gadgets & convenience items from science fiction shows, especially Star Trek but then – what is Star Trek if not to showcase a possible future for mankind and what we can achieve.

Hmmm how about much more advanced medical equipment that is so efficient that it can detect possibilities of dangerous illnesses and diseases and hence can help you treat/prevent them. How about medicines that can be easily administered to patients and that cure all the known diseases no matter what stage they are in. How about organ & limb regeneration equipments. And how about advancing medicine so much that it can prolong human and animal lives and even people of really old age will be healthy, vibrant & active.

How about food replicators that are easily available all over the world so that hunger, malnutrition & thirst are wiped out. No child or adult or family pet animal will ever have to go hungry again. Replicators that also make medicine and other stuff for you as well will be awesome. No more time spending on cooking or getting the ingredients. Unless ofcourse you just want the ingredients and you want to cook for the enjoyment of cooking. That’s cool too.

How about free education to all, if needed made available to them in their homes via excellent quality video conferencing with 3D capabilities. No more excuses for sticking to dumb ideas and ancient superstitions. And ofcourse getting to know more & more about the universe we live in.

How about advancing the space exploration technologies with adequete shielding, transportation and easy access to traveling between the stars in comfort nay luxury with groups of like minded people, with friends and family. Wanna go for a picnic? Hmmm the 3rd moon of the biggest planet in the next solar system seems like a lovely spot – get them in an hour or less with your loved ones, enjoy a lovely spread with awesome food and wine and then come back at the end of the day.

Let’s just start with these for the moment!

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