The Night Mickey Rourke Got Robbed Of An Oscar

I stopped watching the Oscars years ago, preferring to watch the winners in news clips or highlight shows the day after the event. The reason is that the show/event sucks, just like the Grammies (although the Grammies suck & blow & swallow for awarding crappy musicians). But I always wanted to know who won and compare it with my notes.

download the sandlot online This year was no different, except that I really wanted to see Mickey Rourke win.  Hands down, best acting I have ever seen in recent years. But he got robbed. Big time! The Academy awarded the Best Actor to that jackass Sean Penn for his role as a fruit case! The Academy sucks.

Best Actress went to the lovely Kate Winslet, who deserves it as she is always excellent, much like Meryl Streep. Speaking of Meryl, as radiant & gorgeous as always, her role was introduced by the scary looking Sophia Loren! Man is she a vision of which nightmares are made of! She can be in the movie I’m making, ‘Night of the Zombie 70 year old former Sex Goddess’.

life of brian movie download Scumdog Millionaire (I am so sick of this movie) won best movie, Danny Boyle best director and that asshole A R Rahman won 2 Oscars! You gotta be kidding me. Read this before you go all congratulations on that fuckface. I can’t stand him and I can’t stand crappy Tamil music.

Other notes on the event : I really got to get a copy of Vicky Christina Barcelona , glad that Penelope won an Oscar. Heath Ledger won for best supporting actor – like anyone had a doubt! Ofcourse, they were going to award the dead actor!

I’m not worried about the rest of the awards. This year’s event sucks. I’m not watching them anymore.

7 thoughts on “The Night Mickey Rourke Got Robbed Of An Oscar

  1. Ledger is only the second person to win an acting Oscar – you make it sound like it happens all the time. If anything, being dead makes it very difficult for you to win!

  2. No but his high profile death being in the news and the attention it got Dark Knight before it even was released and all the hype. I’m sure he wudn’t have won it if he was alive.

  3. I’d have to disagree with you on that Roshan – as Elivis pointed out, he is only the 2nd person in the 80 years that the Oscars have been around, to have been posthumously awarded an Oscar. It has nothing to do with the fact that he died, as tragic as his passing was. He did an absolutely fantastic job in the movie – he played the Joker with such conviction, that it won over those voting on the best supporting actor role. Remember, 22% of the voting population (the largest block) are actors. Heath Ledger was a good actor – in “The Dark Knight’, he was a great actor. Believe me, hype doesn’t win anyone an Oscar.
    As far as Mickey Rourke goes, I do believe that he deserved an Oscar – that is something that Sean Penn referred to in his speech. Oh, and before you knock Sean Penn, go and watch Milk – don’t knock it just because it is based upon the story of a prominent gay politician who was murdered. Watch the movie – Sean Penn is a really good actor. Mickey Rourke did a good job too.

  4. Manoj – And as I stated earlier, I didn’t say that all dead actors would win! Only that Ledger’s was more sensationalized and that it was all over the media. He did do a great job – I’m just saying that his death was a factor. Hype does win at times.

    I don’t like Sean Penn. Period. he could have played anyone and I won’t like him. I’ll surely watch the movie and let you know.

  5. I’ve always enjoyed reading about who wore the strangest outfits the next day, and watching video highlights of people melting down on stage, or doing something else strange. That’s about it for me… usually I don’t like the movies that win the awards anyway.

    ~ Kristi

  6. I loved it when Kate Winslet asked her dad to whistle cause she didn’t know where he was sitting…and the dad obliged. True Oscar moment.

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