The Night Shift – Season 1

A fast paced and eventful series, The Night Shift is an American medical drama that debuted in the end of May and just completed their first season of 8 episodes. The series was created by Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah, and follows the lives of the staff who work the late night shift in the ER at San Antonio Medical Center. The cast consists of Eoin Macken as TC Callahan, Jill Flint as Jordan Alexander, Ken Leung as Topher Zia, Brendan Fehr as Drew Alister, Daniella Alonso as Landry de la Cruz, Robert Bailey Jr. as Paul Cummings, Jeananne Goossen as Krista Bell-Hart, J.R. Lemon as Kenny & Freddy Rodriguez as Michael Ragosa. Supporting roles go to Scott Wolf as Scott Clemmens, Esodie Geiger as Nurse Ramos, Catharine Pilafas as Nurse Bardocz & Alma Sisneros as Nurse Diaz.

TC is a war vetaran who suffers from PTSD and is especially shaken as he had accidentally caused the death of his own brother while in Iraq.Topher is his best friend who was also with the same unit and witnessed the accident and does his best to help TC. Jordan who at the start of the first episode is handed over the reins as team leader for the night shift is TC’s ex who still is very close with TC and shares concerns about his well being and his tendency to clash heads with superiors, including hospital’s head of administration Michael Ragosa. Jordan usually sides with TC but tries to get compromises done so that Michael doesn’t fire the best surgeon they have at the hospital. Landry de la Cruz, the night shift psychologist, is shown to now be in a romantic relationship with TC, which they are hiding from Jordan. Meanwhile, Drew Alister, another surgeon who is ex-Army, is hiding a secret of his own – he is gay and in love with a military captain. He hides it but pretending to be a playboy but when beautiful new doctor Krista makes a move on him, he confesses to her. She keeps his secret and they become close friends.

TC struggles with the idea of losing Nick, a close friend whose life was saved because TC gave permission for his dying brother’s heart to be transplanted to him. He believes he could persuade a brain-dead junkie’s family to donate the heart directly, but that violates hospital protocol and Jordan’s authority. Jordan counsels him, understands his pain, but says steps must be taken. TC still meets with the parents, who agree to take their son off life support. During preparation for transplant, the junkie begins breathing on his own. His recovery means that his cranial swelling must now be dealt with, and TC and Topher will be the surgeons to take care of it. The surgery is successful, so TC must tell Nick’s wife they cannot save him.

Michael meanwhile has a disease which is slowly taking away his eye sight and he confides in Landry who advices him in both a friendly & professional basis. Michael finds himself slowly falling for the pretty lady but does not want to make the working situation any less comfortable. Also complicating things for them is that TC kisses Jordan telling her that he still loves her despite the both of them being in other relationships. Scott, Jordan’s boyfriend and experienced surgeon joins the hospital on the advice and luring of Michael and takes over the ER and clashes with TC on protocol. He also finds out that TC kissed Jordan which further aggravates him. Drew meanwhile is in two minds when his boyfriend is injured and brought to their hospital for treatment but cannot acknowledge him in front of the soldiers or staff until Krista calls him out on being a coward. As his boyfriend is led to surgery Drew comes to him and kisses him, stunning the soldiers and some of the staff.

With such less episodes the show does not have much room to breathe but it does well in the episodic storyline until the last two episodes in which a corrupt government official holds Topher & TC at gunpoint in order to get information from a drug smuggler. Later he pulls Jordan in as well and in a struggle Topher is shot and lies bleeding profusely from the abdomen. Despite TC doing his best, Topher’s life is hanging by a thread as the season ends on this dramatic cliff hanger. Also Michael finds out that he has a tumour which is causing his eyesight to deteriorate. What will happen in season 2? The show has been renewed for a 14 episode run for season 2 which I believe will start in May of next year. I hope they go on for several more seasons as it is a good, fun show.

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