The Oldest Things

I somehow still have a pair of jeans from over 15 years ago. There’s no way that I can still fit in it. And they are green! I have no fucking idea why I still have them! I think I have a couple of shirts from that era too. I have a dining table from 1985. A stereo system from 1998 or 99 and a huge speaker from 1986.

I have a blanket from 1987 but it’s still feels great once it comes back from the laundry shop. I have some cds from 1997-98 and cassettes from as far back as 1990! But no I don’t play any of them no more. Well not since 2006 anyways. I have a steel cupboard from 1985. I have a 1992 diary which I just re-read a couple of weeks ago and laughed out so hard at some of the stuff which I wrote back then.

I have a few National Geographic magazine issues that I saved up over the years, some from 1984-90. Not too many though, just around 10 issues. Some old Reader Digest issues too. Pots & pans from the 90s and some dish sets that have never been used from 1987-90! Blame mom for that, I think she plans to give them to my nephews and niece (ages 13,11 & 4) when they start off families of their own. s

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2 thoughts on “The Oldest Things

  1. They are just sitting in a corner of my cupboard collecting dust. I haven’t worn them in over 10 years. And they are GREEN!!

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