The Origin Of My Nickname

Ever since I started using the internet for email and for chat purposes, I knew I had to have a nickname. I didn’t want to go solely by Roshan or use my full name at that time – 1998. Now, I couldn’t care less but at the time, I was like applying for the CIA or something. So I thought hard and came up with FCRosh!

FCRosh is the name that I gave to my custom football team, made up of a galaxy of dream team players, in Fifa 95. So I used that for a few weeks. It didn’t sound cool enough. So I thought, what is cool? Well, vampires are cool! Who is the coolest vampire? Well, Count Dracula is the man! And so is Count Duckulla, the cartoon duck who just happens to be the very first vegetarian vampire! So I played with the names and came up with…..

COUNT ROSHCULLA! The Hindu Vampire or better yet, the Atheist Vampire. What good are the cross & holy water against me? I do not believe in Jesus!

walk all over me online

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watch juno online Here’s a logo of sorts that I a friend & I made for me to go along with the image. Pretty cool for something thrown together in about 30 minutes. The skull & hat is actually from the old Guns n’Roses images.

download p2 online

7 thoughts on “The Origin Of My Nickname

  1. COUNT ROSHCULLA! I love it! I like vampires so much that I have bite marks tattooed onto my neck. And a large back piece still being worked on – with a female vampire (me) as the main theme of the piece.

  2. And I thought that it was so silly of me! You know, when I was going to purchase the domain id & the server space for this website / blog, I had two choices – or Cause I though that Awake & Dreaming said a lot more about me as a person.

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